26 December 2010

wildlife management ~ "Growing Deer"

We recently stumbled upon a new website, Growing Deer TV. Describing it is perhaps best done by quoting the words of the site's principal speaker, Dr Grant Woods:
     GrowingDeer.tv’s mission is to provide current, useful information about hunting and growing white-tailed deer throughout the year. Each episode will show what we are focusing on that week as we manage properties for growing and hunting whitetail deer. GrowingDeer.tv episodes will include action packed hunts, proven hunting tactics, food plot and trail camera techniques, and the gear it takes to get it all done.
     GrowingDeer.tv is a creation of Dr. Grant Woods, a lifelong hunter with 20+ years of experience in managing whitetails throughout their range. Grant’s goal is to use this web site to provide real time information for men and women that are passionate about deer, deer hunting, and management programs. Grant loves to hunt turkeys also — so expect a few turkey episodes during the spring!
     Episodes are designed to help you resolve the common problems that are encountered while hunting or the daily tasks associated with improving your hunting property — real time — week to week with no repeats.
     You can keep updated between episodes by reading Grant’s blog, “Thoughts from the Field.” He will share some insights into his thoughts of the daily events that are of interest to folks that are passionate about hunting and wildlife management — everything from hunting, trapping, frustrations and blessings from weather patterns, all the way to how a change in legislation may affect hunter interests.
     All the content on the site is free of charge, paid for by the sponsors. So please support them as best you can. The GrowingDeer.tv Team looks forward to sharing current hunts and information with you!

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