29 January 2011

fishing derby CANCELLED

The Annual MSC Tri-Lakes Ice Fishing Derby ~ which would have taken place tomorrow, January 30th ~ has been CANCELED due to lack of access to lakes AND uncertain conditions of ice underneath.

Believe me, we at the club are as disappointed as you [more, probably].

21 January 2011

reading ~ magazines for sale

It has come to our attention that Tylerville Country Market has begun stocking some titles on the magazine rack that may be of interest to members.

     The other day there were fresh editions of:
      • Petersen's Hunting
      • Field and Stream
      • Guns & Ammo

Mind you, other vendors, like Nathan Hale Pharmacy in Moodus, sell hunting, archery and shooting sport magazines as well. By the way, both stores have them stocked on the lower magazine shelves - a decision made by the 'zine distributors not the stores.

And don't assume that you can find what is printed in the magazine on the title's web-page. Increasingly, each offer things the other doesn't. The real point being, show these vendors your support. Go buy a copy of a magazine even if you already subscribe so they will keep them on the racks ...and our pastimes in the public eye.

12 January 2011

game dinner ~ Saturday January 15

There are some openings for this Saturday's game dinner.

A seven course gourmet dinner at a fast food price, only $35, wine or beer [or soft drinks] included.

This picture is a candied pear with pheasant in a flaky pastry crust, garnished with blue cheese; a sample for a past menu.

e-mail the MSC site maintainer ASAP to confirm availability.

UPDATE for MEMBERS: The parking area will not be plowed until late Friday morning. Unless you want to use snowshoes or skis, take this in mind before coming to the club for anything, including prep work for the Saturday night game dinner.