27 February 2010

Special Member Notices

Just a reminder to members, the special legal fee assessment of $150 is due this coming meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, get in touch with one of the club officers in advance.

Members who have reservations for the March 13th game dinner should confirm your numbers. We look to be sold out again this month. If you are planning on attending the April Game buffet, it will help if you can give Jim V your estimated count for that event, too. Make sure that Jim has written down your reservation numbers; don't leave them on voice mail.

Finally, the Spring Hunter Safety and Archery courses begin this week. You do not need to be a member to participate in this class. Now's a good time to get your kids signed up. Anyone who is interested must sign up through the Department of Environmental Conservation website.

26 February 2010


Okay. What's amiss with this situation? Was the deer tagged? Is it road kill? Is it dressed out? I don't see the guy's license. Where's his bow or rifle? Anything else?

Connecticut DEP Deer & Bowhunting Surveys

A message from the CT DEP to all Connecticut Deer and Bowhunters:

This is a reminder for you to respond to the 2010 January Bowhunter Survey. If you have already completed the survey, you can ignore this message.

If you have not completed a survey, please do so at your earliest convenience. Your input is important.

You should complete the survey even if you did not hunt deer this January.

While doing surveys, If you bought a deer hunting permit in 2009, please complete the survey about your 2009 deer hunting activity. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and will help with the management of Connecticut's deer population. To take the survey, you will need to enter your Connecticut Conservation ID number that is printed on your license. Take the 2009 Deer Hunting Survey Now

You will need to know your Connecticut Conservation ID Number to complete the survey. Your Conservation ID Number is printed on your license.

If you have any questions about either of the surveys, you can contact the Deer Program at 860-642-7239 on weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm. The DEP thanks you for your time and input.

Information provided by: Howard J. Kilpatrick, Deer Program Biologist
DEP - Wildlife Division; Connecticut DEP Hunting and Trapping Website: www.ct.gov/dep/hunting

11 February 2010

laws + legislation

Click here for details on the Hunting License cost bill.

When contacting your legislator, make sure to refer to proposed bill #115, which is before the Environment Committee.

Don't be a target, be ON target

S.B. No. 26 AN ACT CONCERNING THE EXPENDITURES OF THE BOATING ACCOUNT. Sen. John McKinney, 28th Dist., Rep. Lawrence F. Cafero, 142nd Dist. To implement the Governor's budget recommendations. REF: Finance, Revenue and Bonding. OPPOSE. Eliminates the Boating Fund.

Proposed S.B. No. 82 AN ACT REPEALING INCREASES IN HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE FEES. Sen. John A. Kissel, 7th Dist. To repeal the increase in hunting and fishing license fees that is part of the recently enacted state budget. REF: Environment.

Proposed S.B. No. 115 AN ACT REDUCING THE RECENT INCREASE IN HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE FEES AND INCREASING CERTAIN MOTOR VEHICLE FEES. SEN. STILLMAN, 20th DIST. To reduce the recent increase in hunting and fishing license fees and offset the reduction in such revenues with an increase in certain motor vehicle fees. REF. ENVIRONMENT. SUPPORT.

Proposed H.B. No. 5080 AN ACT CONCERNING THE INCREASE IN HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE FEES. Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, 52nd Dist. To reduce the increase in hunting and fishing license fees that was made in the current state budget. REF: Environment. SUPPORT.

Proposed H.B. No. 5038 AN ACT CONCERNING SPORTSMEN AND CAMPING FEES. Rep. Bryan Hurlburt, 53rd Dist. To reduce the recent increase in hunting, fishing and camping fees. REF: Environment. SUPPORT.

Thanks to Robert Crook, at the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen

Ice Fishing Derby Winners

Largest Fish:
1st place James Bohara, Pickerel, Moodus Reservoir, 5.39 pounds $600
2nd place: Rich Urban; Largemouth Bass, Moodus Res; 4.25 lbs $200
3rd place: Mike Wrobel, Yellow Perch, Lake Heyward, 1.19 lbs $200

Junior winners - received trophys
Austin Urban: Bass, Moodus Res, 3.75 lbs
Cameron Gonzales, Bashan Lake, 1.60 lbs
Chris Czekala, Perch, 1.34 lbs

07 February 2010

Ice Fishing Day

You should be signed up by now. We'll see you around weigh-in time.

01 February 2010

Coming Up: February 7th

Get ready folks. We have the Ice Fishing Derby in the first part of the day, and Super Bowl on the big screen later on. Pot luck will feed us fine. More to follow

IMAGE CREDITS: 1- The Super Bowl official logo; 2- Yukon Historical Fishing Gallery, Ice fishing, ca. 1930's. (YA, Claude B. Tidd Coll., #7298); a service of the Canadian Government, Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement Branch.