22 February 2009

at the game dinner


Smoked Bluefish - from Long Island Sound, dry rubbed and infused with apple smoke.
Served with onions, peppers, sour cream, caviar & crackers

Seafood Bisque - a blend of fresh Connecticut seafood, heavy cream, sherry and a touch of Indian Saffron
Rabbit Confit over Salad - slow poached rabbit over a bed of mirco greens with dressing
Venison Carpaccio - seared venison flank drizzled with virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan,
mushrooms, pepper and balsamic vinegar

Venison Perogi - thoughtfully done ground venison with onions, butter and array of spices.
Served with a sage sauce and sour cream

Pheasant Cannelloni - crepes stuffed with pheasant, prosciutto, leeks, cheese,
and a dazzling choice of herbs

Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie - with a cinnamon rum sauce and maple creme fraiche
Coffee; Tea; Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon; Beer; water; soft drinks

As usual, gourmet foods in abundance; one of Moodus' greatest secrets right here.

18 February 2009

laws and legislation

Don't be the target, be on target!
It's not enough just to vote in elections
your legislators need to hear from you regularly!

Several proposals are before the legislature to ban or otherwise restrict legal firing ranges in Connecticut.
     In addition, this year 2009, is the year Hartford's politicians wrangle with the governor about the state budget. One thing certain to be debated this session is Governor Rell's wish to double all license fees. So my hunting license costs next year, if enacted, might be $180 instead of $90 [not including duck and pheasant stamp fees, for example].
     Budget issues and attempts to shut down shooting ranges are not the only things under debate this year. Some other proposals being debated this year include:

 • An Act Concerning Firing Ranges
ATTORNEY GENERAL bill). REF. PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. Not yet in Print Requires any person who owns or operates a firing range to register with the Department of Public Safety and requires such person maintain and operate such firing range in safe manner, comply with environmental laws and limit noise (60 db) emanating from such ranges. Affects ALL ranges except police. Gives DPS broad authority
 • Proposed S.B. No. 353 SEN. LOONEY, 11th DIST. 'AN ACT CONCERNING THE MICROSTAMPING OF SEMIAUTOMATIC PISTOLS', to facilitate the linking of used cartridge cases to the firearm that fired them by requiring the microstamping of semiautomatic pistols.
 • Proposed H.B. No. 5209 REP. MINER, 66th DIST. 'AN ACT CONCERNING STATE LAND WHERE HUNTING IS PERMITTED', to maintain the amount of state land where hunting is permitted. REF. ENVIRONMENT.
 • S.B. No. 839 SEN. MCKINNEY, 28th DIST.; REP. CAFERO, 142nd DIST. 'AN ACT CONCERNING MERGERS AND CONSOLIDATIONS OF VARIOUS STATE AGENCIES', to implement the Governor's budget recommendations. Transfers the previously independent Board of Firearms Permit Examiners, to the Department of Public Safety, Sec 30. REF. GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AND ELECTIONS
...and these are only a few items under review.
     How can you find out about bills like these?
     Connecticut Sportsmen are fortunate to have a hard-working Legislative consultant by the name of Robert Crook who works tirelessly at keeping us informed on issues important to us. He helps to keep us informed by keeping the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen website up to date with prospective legislation.
     You can also ask to be added to his e-mailing information list by writing to Robert Crook at info@ctsportsmen.com and ask to be added to updates bulletin e-mail list. You'll get more than legislative info, but what he sends is always informative.

     Who are our politicians, and how do we contact them?
     In the East Haddam/Moodus area, our state senator is Eileen Daily, our state representative is Linda Orange. Incidentally, both are on the legislature's Public Safety Committee, which has some oversight authority over firing range issues anyway.
     Frankly, it is often better to call rather than e-mail. Senator Daily's phone number is 1-800-842-1420; Representative Orange can be reached at (860) 240-8585, 1-800-842-8267 or locally at (860) 537-3936.
     If you live in another town you can find your local state senator and representative and make sure you let your legislators know how you feel about these ideas and issues.

activites of interest

 • Saturday, Feb 21 Wood Duck Box Building Day. 10:00 am to 3 pm. Lunch Provided. This year the event will be at the Deerborn barn (shop) at Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor. If you want to attend, click here for directions. Participants are asked to please bring your own portable drills and hammers.

 • Friday thru Sunday Feb 20 to 22 2009 Springfield Sportsmen's Show at the "Big E," the Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Massachusetts. This year's 'Super Show' will include hunting, fishing, boating and outdoor recreation all bundled together. Admission: adults - $12; children 6 to 12 $5.

DEP Firearms Hunting Course and DEP Bowhunter Course
 • February 25, 26, 27, March 5 & 6 (6:00 PM- 9:00 PM), and March 8 (9:00 AM- 4:00 PM)  DEP Firearms Hunting Course at the Moodus Sportsmen's Club. Pre-Registration is Mandatory. All firearms hunting courses are 16 hours or longer. You must attend all scheduled class times. To register call Franklin WMA at 860-642-7239 or e-mail the Franklin DEP office at dep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov. Office hours are 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM

 • March 7  DEP Bowhunting Course (9:00 AM- 4:00 PM)at the Moodus Sportsmen's Club. Pre-Registration is Mandatory. All bowhunting courses are 6 hours or longer. You must attend all scheduled class times. To register call Franklin WMA at 860-642-7239 or e-mail the Franklin DEP office at dep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov. Office hours are 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM

Who should take courses?
 • All first time hunters at least 11 years old and trappers of any age.
 • Those hunters who have not held a resident license within the past five years from another state or country.
 • After January 1, 2002, all persons who wish to hunt with a bow and have not taken the CE/FS bowhunting course or its equivalent.
 • Those individuals who have never taken the course and want to participate in a controlled hunt.
 • Individuals who want to learn more about outdoor safety, hunting and wildlife management.

12 February 2009

Fishing Derby Winners

Austin and Rick Urban are in this picture. Rick is on the right.

* Biggest Bass - Rick Urban 5.35 pounds. I think from Moodus Reservoir
* Biggest Perch - Austin Urban - 1.11 pounds. Possibly Bashan Lake
* Biggest Pickerel - James Campbell 3.435 pounds - Moodus Reservoir

Left to right: Soup Campbell [whose pickerel catch weighed 3.055 pounds] and James with James's catch

The day was a good one for fishing, warm weather with a solid ice shelf that ranged between 12 and 17 inches thick, depending. Lake Hayward was covered with fishing enthusiasts, some trying to put their lines in between other people's augured holes. But the competition fish seemed to be best found in Bashan Lake and Moodus Reservoir.
     A sudden, brief, thunder and lightening storm around 1100 hours had everybody spooked. Reports from weather stations later in the day noted that this phenom didn't happen anywhere else in the state. Were we in danger? Well, a woman riding her four-wheeler on Moodus Reservoir reported that she saw lightening strike real close to her. Lucky for everybody the storm lasted only a few minutes.
     There were about 170 entrants, and when weigh-in time arrived, parking at the club almost became a spot all it's own. Luckily Bill and Will were able to cram a lot of 8 foot bed pick-ups into the upper parking lot and along Old East Haddam-Colchester Turnpike. Even when vehicles got double parked it seemed to be no problem.
     After the weigh-in, there was plenty of venison stew, corn chowder, fresh fried perch and a passel of other tasty morsels for all.