22 February 2009

at the game dinner


Smoked Bluefish - from Long Island Sound, dry rubbed and infused with apple smoke.
Served with onions, peppers, sour cream, caviar & crackers

Seafood Bisque - a blend of fresh Connecticut seafood, heavy cream, sherry and a touch of Indian Saffron
Rabbit Confit over Salad - slow poached rabbit over a bed of mirco greens with dressing
Venison Carpaccio - seared venison flank drizzled with virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan,
mushrooms, pepper and balsamic vinegar

Venison Perogi - thoughtfully done ground venison with onions, butter and array of spices.
Served with a sage sauce and sour cream

Pheasant Cannelloni - crepes stuffed with pheasant, prosciutto, leeks, cheese,
and a dazzling choice of herbs

Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie - with a cinnamon rum sauce and maple creme fraiche
Coffee; Tea; Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon; Beer; water; soft drinks

As usual, gourmet foods in abundance; one of Moodus' greatest secrets right here.

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