11 May 2015

30 April 2015

Children's Fishing Derby - Sunday, May 3rd


from one of the MSC Ice Fishing Derbys
We promise there will not be ice on the pond!

Great chance for kids to learn about fishing in our fully stocked trout pond.
8 a.m. to noon



Event is free and open to the public but all children must be accompanied by an adult. 

After the event lunch is served by all at the Club's main building.


The Moodus Sportsmen's Club is located on 299 East Haddam Colchester Turnpike next to the East Haddam Town Beach on Moodus Reservoir.  

Directions to MSC - type in your address and Moodus Sportsmen's Club once the map opens

03 April 2015

Town Wide Clean-Up - Saturday April 11th, 2014

It takes a lot to make a town look good, and it can't be done on its own.

So, once again, it's time. Come out and clean up the roadsides with us.

If you want to focus on your own street or a specific area, then call Jim Ventres at the East Haddam Land Use Administrator's Office [860-873-5031] to coordinate the effort or e-mail Will Brady [MSC website coordinator] at moodussportsman@gmail.com.

We can't promise you'll find a hidden treasure, but sometimes what we find can be pretty strange.


Anyone who takes part in the effort is invited to the Moodus Sportsmen's Club for one of its famous hearty lunches. Traditional picnic items such as hot dogs, baked beans, coffee and iced tea and lemonade will be served along with the seasonal bounty only a sportsmen’s club could serve.

At the lunch gathering we can inventory items collected and talk about ways and solutions to reduce these problems.We will have information about the Town’s natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities that are available to all.

This effort is co-sponsored by the Moodus Sportsmen's Club, East Haddam Lions and Scout Troop #22.

15 March 2015

Archery Sunday Hunting Bills

There are two on the legislative docket

To authorize Sunday hunting on private lands by bow and arrow

To authorize hunting on Sundays by bow and arrow provided such hunting is conducted on private property. 

Both are stuck in the legislative morass known as "Referred to" These two bills have been sent to the Joint Committee on Environment

We encourage you to let our legislators know there is support for these bills. This is a sensible goal, especially suited for hunters who don't necessarily get to hunt during the weekdays, applies ONLY to hunting on private property, and can be a useful wildlife management tool.  Find Your Connecticut Legislator

March Madness 5 Stand Shoot Tourney ~ Sunday, March 29

Sunday March 29, 2015
Club grounds open at 0800; shooting starts at 0900
Come One ~ Come All

This will be a one day bracketed 5 stand tournament, so you want to be there on time to get in the running. Open to members and guests. The goal being for folks to get together and see who wins.
pays for clays and a 50/50 top winner purse. Plus a 2nd place prize (to be determined).

So we know who and how many plan to join in so contact Andy Lord (event coordinator) or  email the moodussportsman@gmail.com. Put "MSC March Madness Skeet" in the Subject Line of the email. Your letter will be forwarded to Andy.

East Haddam and Colchester State Representatives

Art Linares33rd Senate District: Towns of Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland, and Westbrook.
At the Capitol:
Legislative Office Building, Room 3400
Hartford, CT 0610
Phone: 1-800-842-1421

Linda Orange - Deputy Speaker of the House        
48th District: Colchester, Lebanon,                            
Windham, Mansfield                                                  
At the Capitol:                                             In the District:           Legislative Office Building, Room 4109       52 Standish Road         Hartford, CT 06106-1591                             Colchester, CT 06415 
(860) 240-8585 | 1-800-842-8267                (860) 537-3936  
Melissa Ziobron
34th District: Colchester, East Haddam, East Hampton  
At the Capitol:
Legislative Office Building,              
Hartford, CT 06106 
(860) 240-0396 | 1-800-842-1423

Current Bills - Storing firearms; "Protective Orders";

Be on target!
Don't be the target

Current Proposed Legislation
"Safe Storage Laws"
"Temporary Restraining Orders"

Voting is only part of the legislative process. You need to be in touch with your legislators,  let them know your opinions on subjects important to you, 
and know how to get your point across clearly and calmly.

If you do not know your state representatives you can find who they are

OPPOSE ~ HB 6962 ~ "Safe Storage Law" (Official title - AN ACT CONCERNING FIREARM SAFETY) A legislative overreach seeking to criminalize gun owners for keeping their firearms accessible when in their homes.

Currently, if you don’t keep your firearms locked away from minor children, there are civil and criminal liabilities that apply to a minor accessing your unlocked firearm and causing harm. In other words, there has to actually be a victim in order for it to be a criminal.

This bill removes the word ‘minor’ from those statutes, making it a requirement that everyone’s firearms be locked up when not on their person. It also expands your criminal and civil liability for someone accessing your firearms against your will.

Even more disturbingly, the bill then goes on to change the burden of proof for a defendant during a risk warrant hearing. This changes the current ‘innocent until proven guilty’ system, which is already heavily perverted by the risk warrant law, and makes it clear that upon an accusation, you are guilty until proven innocent.

OPPOSE - Senate Bill 650 – (Official title - AN ACT CONCERNING TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS) A bill seeking to remove due process from the restraining order process
OPPOSE - House Bill 6848 - (Official title -AN ACT PROTECTING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) A bill seeking to remove due process from the restraining order process

These bills will wrongfully violate the fundamental rights of hundreds of people per year based only on hearsay. In 2014, 45% of all ex parte temporary restraining orders were found to be not valid after the hearing. They would require that a firearms owner surrender his por her firearms within 24 hours of issuance of a temporary restraining order, before any court hearing takes place.

Using the confusion of the difference between a Temporary Restraining Order [TRO] and a Restraining Order [RO] that many people have and trying to make it sound like it would be a ‘common sense’ idea for someone to lose their firearms during a Temporary Restraining Order.

The reality is that there is little that is similar about a TRO and an RO. A TRO is an ex parte order, meaning that only one side has presented anything to the court. In other words, the subject of the TRO has had no opportunity to be heard or represented. This clearly violates the concept and idea of Due Process, but further, it actually negatively impacts public safety as well.

Info on these bills courtesy of Connecticut Carry

NEVER ASSUME that if a politician is from a different political party or has spoken out in public that favors one side of an issue or another, that they will not listen to hear another point of view. That is their responsibility - to hear varied opinions - and you can hold them to hearing you out. But you need to plan strategically.

If you do not know your state representatives you can find who they are