17 January 2015

Tri-Lake Ice Fishing Tournament ~ Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moodus Sportsman’s Club Tri-Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

Sunday,  February 8, 2014

6:30 am – 1 pm 

Send an e-mail to MSC site maintainer ~ moodussportsman@gmail.com and well send back a printable application form
Click here for a printable Tournament application form,
print it out, fill it in and send to address below.

Weather/Ice decision:              4:00 pm Saturday 2/07, pls call 873-3381 to confirm
                                                  Rain / no ice date:  February 15th

Tournament Sponsor:              Moodus Sportsman’s Club

Prize Fish Types:                     Bass – Largemouth/Smallmouth, Chain Pickerel or Yellow Perch

Prizes:                                      $1000.00 total purse
                                                  First Prize $ 600.00 to heaviest fish caught of the three species

                                                  $ 200.00 each to the largest fish in the two other species listed

Registration Forms:               Available at the Moodus Package Store,
                                                 or at the Moodus Sportsman’s Club February 7th  4- 6pm

Our Mailing Address                Check or Money Order must be included with ALL applications

Moodus Sportsmen’s Club       ALL applications must be postmarked by Monday, Feb.. 2nd 2014

P O Box 11
Moodus, CT 06469                    NO REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED AFTER 6 PM February 7th 2014

Locations:                                Lake Hayward                East Haddam/Colchester
                                                  Bashan Lake                   East Haddam
                                                  Moodus Reservoir          Moodus

Verification:                             The official weigh-in will be held at the Moodus Sportsman’s Club

                                                  at 1:10 pm sharp!

Party Festivities:                      The Moodus Sportsman’s Club will host lunch right after
                                                   the weigh in at 1:15 pm and a raffle to follow lunch.

Tournament Finish:                  Please return to the Club by 1:00 pm for final tally, lunch and awards.

Regulations                                 Fish must conform to all Connecticut fishing regulations for the area

CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!:                       The Moodus Sportsman’s Club does not represent that the ice is safe in all places on these lakes.  All participants are responsible for their own personal safety.  Pay attention to the channel in the Moodus Reservoir and the springs in Bashan Lake. Pay attention to ice thickness. With the lowering of water levels, certain areas may not be safe!

Send an e-mail to MSC site maintainer ~ moodussportsman@gmail.com and well send back a printable application form
Click here for a printable Tournament application form,
print it out, fill it in and send to address below.
Moodus Sportsmen's Club
P O Box 11; Moodus, CT 06469

NOTE: To get notice of next year’s ice Fishing Derby (or for future events) YOU MUST send us your e-mail address. We are trying to discontinue hard copy mailed notices by 2015.

Even if the Tournament is not held this year (due to lack of ice) your email address will help us keep you posted on  last minute condtions and for future notice of events.

02 January 2015

Club Events Calendar - January through June 2015

Monthly members meetings begin at 7:30 PM
Limited Sunday rentals from Sept. 1st to March 1st
Bold faced, underlined events are open to the public


4    6:30 PM - Annual Board of Directors Meeting – before the regular meeting
      7:30 PM - Monthly Meeting
24  Game Dinner - 6:00 p.m. [Limited seating]
      Snow date 25th at 4 pm


1     Super Bowl Sunday
2     Monthly Meeting
8     Ice Fishing Derby - Start at 6:00 AM
       Snow/Rain Date 15th for Ice Derby

21   Game Dinner - 6:00 p.m. [Limited seating]
       Snow date for Game Dinner - 22nd at 4 pm


2     Monthly Meeting
14   Game Dinner - 6:00 p.m. [Limited seating]
       Snow date for Game Dinner - 15th at 4 pm
       DEEP Hunter Safety Course  [Advance sign-up through DEEP required]
       DEEP: CE/FS Program - Franklin Wildlife Management Center

       860-642-7239 - ~ dep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov
20    Friday - 6 pm to 9 pm
21    Saturday - 8 am to 5 pm
22    Sunday - 8 am to 2 pm

29    March Madness 5 Stand Shoot Off


4     Game Dinner - 6:00 PM [Limited seating]
       Annual Raffle
5     Spring Work Party - 9:00 AM
6     Monthly Meeting
11   Town-Wide Clean-Up


3     Children's Fishing Derby
4     Monthly Meeting
17   Annual Salmon River Fishing Trip & Club Party
       Squid Fishing Trip May / June


1     Monthly Meeting
19   Set Up for Shad Bake
21   Annual Shad Bake - Week after Father's Day

Special Sunday Work Party - January 4, 2015

MEMBERS: are invited to come Sunday morning since it is going to snow/rain on Sunday, going to start around 9am.

Work to be done

Prep for Game Dinners: Roast Bear & pork, butcher Pheasants & beaver.

Clean up and repairs: Organize upstairs cabinets & shelves, inventory materials, inventory freezers, reorganize and inventory basement, interior wall & window cleaning, floors.

If anyone is available, the help is much appreciated!

Football and Pizza & Beer for the Afternoon:

Bengals vs Colts 1pm, Lions vs Cowboys 4pm

03 November 2014

MSC Work Party - November 16th ~ Your help is needed!

Fall Work Party / Rain date Nov. 23 - Sunday morning

One person can't do it alone. Be part of the work party team!
We're certain there will be something to munch on afterwards

Full Disclosure: Yeah, this isn't from one of the work parties at the club, but from the MSC crew who went to help clean up Sunrise Resort last fall.

22 August 2014

Forest, Farm & Sea Game Dinner ~ September 14th


Club Events Calendar - August through December 2014

Monthly members meetings begin at 7:30 PM

4     Monthly Meeting - CANCELLED

Limited Sunday rentals from Sept. 1st to March 1st

       Skeet League starts Sundays in September
8     Monthly Meeting
13   Set up for "Forest, Farm & Sea Game Dinner"
14   "Forest, Farm & Sea Game Dinner"  [Limited seating]
       2 pm [serving time] until 4 pm

       DEEP Hunter Safety Course  [Advance sign-up required]
3     Friday - 6 pm to 9 pm
4     Saturday - 8 am to 5 pm
5     Sunday - 8 am to 2 pm
6     Monthly Meeting
       DEEP Archery/Bow-hunting Course  [Advance sign-up required]
18   Sunday - 8 am to 4 pm

3     Monthly Meeting
15   Prime Rib & Shrimp Dinner  [Limited seating]
16   Fall Work Party
       Rain Date Nov 20
30   Game Harvest Day 8 am start

1     Monthly Meeting
7     Black Powder Rendezvous
       8 am breakfast
       9 am til 12:30 pm

17 August 2014

Preparing for bow hunting season

Here is a link to a fairly unbiased (yet brief) starter’s guide for someone considering buying a compound bow.
Some suggestions for the newcomer to bow-hunting/archery:
• Speak to members of the club who already use bows
• Go to the pro shops, (big and small) seek out and find the most knowledgeable staff
• Read up on bows and consider for what and how you plan on using them. 
• If you never had a bow before, you might buy a second hand bow, quiver and accessory equipment from someone getting a newer bow
• Buy your arrows new ~ make certain the span of your arrows meets your own arm length needs.
Even if you plan only to do archery target practice by all means, get your bow hunter’s license, and take a certified hunter safety course
There will be a certified course offered at the MSC club site in October. You must register with CT DEEP in advance: If you do not see an upcoming course listed, you can also contact the DEEP Franklin Wildlife Management Area office at 860-642-7239 (deep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov)
Once you’ve got all that down, welcome to the world of modern archery and bow hunting.
That said, here’s a link from Hunter’s Friend ~ http://www.huntersfriend.com/compound_bow_selection_guide.html
Click the following link for online copy of Connecticut's most recent Hunter Safety Manual or print out this briefer 2014 Hunting/Trapping field guide to carry with you.