16 October 2012

Riverfest: A Note of Thanks and Congratulations

Jay and his sons and Ciara Sikorski worked this weekend.
From: Anthony Irving
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2012 11:38 AM
To: Barbara James; Bernie Gillis; David Bingham; Eric Belt; Eric Thomas; Erik Block; Gloria Fogarty; Jamie Fosburgh; Linda Birely; Melvin Woody; Nathan Frohling; Parker Lord; Pat Young; Randy Dill; Richard Chyinski; Rob Smith; Sue Merrow; Jim Ventres

Subject: Riverfest
A big thank you to all who made the Riverfest event such a great success. Terrific turnout, great food and music, lots of exhibits w/ much to do and see.

Without all the volunteers including Goodwin College, the Moodus Sportsmen Club, the Girl Scouts and all of you, we never would have pulled it off. A special thank you to Pat [Young] for putting it all together and making it run so well. And speaking of Pat she is being recognized by the Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District at their annual meeting in November as Environmental Professional of the year for her work on the 8mile - Congratulations!

Again, my thanks to you all. Tony

Club Calendar

1 Monthly Meeting
5 DEP Hunter Safety Course ~ Friday 6 pm to 9 pm
6 DEP Hunter Safety Course ~ Sat. 8 am – 5 pm
7 DEP Hunter Safety Course ~ Sun. 8 am - 2 pm
13 Sat. 8 am – 4 pm Archery Course

5 Monthly Meeting
10 Prime Rib and Shrimp Dinner
11 Fall Work Party / Rain date Nov. 20
25 Game Harvest Day 8 am start

2 Black Powder Rendezvous 9 am to 12:30 pm - 8:00 am breakfast
3 Monthly Meeting

Falls Sundays - Skeet - Starting September - No Sunday rentals from Sept. 1st to March 1st

28 September 2012

Hunter Safety Course ~ Oct 4 thru 7

There will be a Hunter Safety Course available for members next week. Sign up at the monthly meeting on Monday, October 1st, 2012.

18 September 2012

Odds + Ends

1. Range is closed on this Saturday - September 22nd - Horse show being held next door and a rental at noon.

2. Skeet league - Andrew said that a practice round and a competitive round will be held on September 30th. He and John will be away on the 23rd but there are clays if someone wants to organize a practice round. If you are interested in being in the league - email Andrew at ALORD@murthalaw.com
IMAGE SOURCE: Basic Skeet Shooting Tips, found on Life 123.

10 September 2012

Annual Summer Harvest Picnic ~ September 15th


SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

   ADULT  $15.00 || SENIORS  $13.00 || CHILDREN  $6.00
Tickets can be purchased at the Moodus Package Store or from any MSC club member

The Menu includes:


music by East Haddam's own Bluesberry Jam (have a sample)

02 July 2012

Archery/Bow Course at MSC August 19th

CT DEEP Conservation Education/Firearms Safety (CE/FS) Course at the Moodus Sportsmen's Club

 Sunday, August 19th (9AM-5PM)
Arrive on time!
There is a lot of material to cover.
Bring a lunch (unless you have other ideas).

Bring your bow and quiver (if you have one). If you don't have one, don't let that stop you from enrolling; you can still take the course. There will be room for talk about what the right bow might be for you.

Club members can contact Alex Breen directly either via email by phone or at the club's monthly meeting. Alex will notify the Franklin DEEP Wildlife Management Office and have them added to the class roster.

Alex Breen Jr. is a Hunting and Fishing Guide and both a Senior Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety & Bowhunting Instructor

21 June 2012

Annual Shadbake at MSC

This coming Sunday, June 24th starting at noon, is the Annual Moodus Sportsman's Club Shadbake. The shadbake has been held annually for at least 60 years, and quite possibly as far back as 1942, when the club was first organized.
The picture to the right shows how we prepare the shad. Some of you think that shad is oily, and avoid it. With this cooking method all the oils are baked out, and you end up with a mild yet tasty fish. Still not sure? The members of the Club have prepared a wide array of delicious dishes from chowder, to venison chili and hot dogs for the really fussy.
COST: Tickets are $20 for adult and teen aged kids; $17 for seniors (over 65) and $6 for kids under 12 years of age.

PARKING: Handicapped parking is available at the pavilion. Come early to park. The club has rebuilt the firing range and, in the process, we lost a few spaces for parking. Overflow parking is at the town beach, as well as along the Old East Haddam-Colchester Turnpike east of the club. DO NOT park in front of the farm.

PHOTO SOURCE: First published in the Hartford Courant, by Melissa Pionzio on June 22, 2008

30 May 2012

Squid Fishing this Weekend

To all - Are we going this Friday? If so reservations need to be called in.
Please call Jim Ventres to let me know if you are in.

We would meet at the club at 4:45 and leave at 5 pm. Have all of your supplies in hand. Light fishing pole, lures (Emmett & Jim have a few extras), five gallon bucket, grinder for dinner, beverages, etc. If the wind stays out of the north it will be a great night. We return around 2:30 am.

Weather forecast.
Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 66. North wind 9 to 11 mph becoming east.

Friday Night: A chance of showers, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy and breezy, with a low around 56. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.

Squid Fishing ~ Reservations Required

Night squid fishing has become very popular over the last few years. The boat light attracts the squid, and the after dark action begins! ! Light tackle, and a variety of squid jigs are all you need to jig up some of these tasty treats.

Season: April 27- June 17 ~ Prices: All fares $45.00 || Rod rental: $5.00
Times: 7:00 P.M.-1:00 A.M. Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sun. Evenings.
Tackle: Variety of squid jigs

21 May 2012

Squid Fishing

Squid Fishing
Targeting Friday June 1st
or Friday June 8th
We try to call in reservations on Thursday morning. If the weather is right, we will take the first day available. Fishing has been hot & cold. Saturday was great, Sunday was slow.

Posted on May 19, 2012 by Frances Fleet Both Capt. Ray and Capt. Chris reported crushing the squid last night. Double headers were commonplace with even some triple headers! Sizes mixed but majority was good sizes tubes with the biggest tubes between 18 and 20 inches. The average catch reported by the mates on both boats was 3/4 per person.
There were a few anglers who really super crushed and filled nearly 2 buckets!!!! Even a few full coolers!! Just great fishing! What a difference a week makes! Some blue fish and a few keeper fluke up to 4lbs and some shorts were reported as well as some catch and release sea bass.
IMAGE CREDIT: Smithsonian | National Museum of Natural History: Giant Squid Myths, which maintains that images such as the one shown above are just that - myths.

Target range closed during repair

SOME [most] of this Sunday's Work Party crew

     Great work party Sunday! Quite a lot got accomplished, though improvements to the range have not been completed - the tire phase of the range is complete - the range is closed until the sand can be placed against the end wall. The project made creative re-use of approximately 1200 old tires. They are now part of the range's backdrop and buffer.
     Small items still outstanding that need to be completed prior to the Shad Bake. Maybe we can finish them on a Thursday of Friday night instead of killing a weekend.
     We are especially thankful to the use of the earth moving equipment. In addition,to range work, the new propane tank was installed. Visitors will notice that the decorative well cover has been replaced,and the new trees on the property line are getting watered.
More work to get done before the Shad Bake... only a month away!
     We still only had 25% of the membership show up for the work party. Remember folks, the club works best when we all pitch in.

16 May 2012

MSC Work Party Sunday May 20th

Apparently Saturday work parties just don't work!

Young and old - if it wasn't for Gary S kids helping last week, the average age of the Sunday work crew was 50 plus. The main purpose for the last work party was to upgrade the target range, which we all know gets a lot of use.

Only 17 club members pitched in on Friday and Saturday. Out of 65 member - that is sad!
We had an excavator, a backhoe, and a bulldozer on site at no cost to the club but not enough members to take advantage of them. The good news is the range is at least half the way to being complete. And eighteen trees where planted on the property line.

New plants need watering!
As for the trees - they need to be watered every day - preferably before 9 am - it takes about 45 minutes.
We could use 7 volunteers - one for each day for the next four weeks. - If you can do more than one day - that would be great.

Other projects - for those that can't make Sunday - the lawn needs to be mowed, the inside of the club floor needs to be cleaned, we dragged a little dirt in.

Natn'l Wild Turkey Federation Banquet ~ Lebanon, CT

The Pequot Trail Longbeards Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is hosting their annual NWTF Hunting Heritage Super Fund-raising banquet this Sunday, May 20.

The NWTF banquets are one way the organization raises vital funds for wild turkey conservation and important programs that introduce the outdoors to women, children and the disabled.

NWTF’s volunteers and partners have raised and spent more than $331 million since 1985 to uphold hunting traditions and conserving more than 14.7 million acres of wildlife habitat.

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Bozrah Rod & Gun Club
79 Santa Anna Rd., Lebanon, CT 06340
Doors open at 5:00 PM, Dinner starts at 6:30 PM
Tickets are $60 per adult; $35 for JAKES (under age 18); $85 per adult couple. For more information, contact Marie Gravell at 860.447.2504

09 May 2012

Work Party Saturday May 12th

We are working on this Saturday - May 12th - 8 am start - instead of Sunday May 13th (Mother's Day)

Major goal is to improve the range and plant trees on the property line. We need to take advantage of the weather and the machines that will be on site so all hands are needed.

Some work will also be done on Friday

08 May 2012

HUMOR ~ Fishing Mistakes

From fisherman Bill Dance, proving that it can sometimes be good to laugh at your own mistakes

29 April 2012

Children's Fishing Derby + MSC Member held Tag Sale

Reminder that we are having a Children's Fishing Derby and Tag Sale on Sunday May 6th. Both the events are open to the public.

Bring your youngsters, and their fishing gear, so they can get some practice in fishing in our stocked pond.

Your children must be supervised but it will be a great time for all.

There is no entry or admission fee for this event.

The derby begins at 8 a.m. and will run until noon.
That's right, The Moodus Sportsman's Club is going to hold their first member tag sale, open to the public.
Don't be mistaken, the tag sale is for grown-up items; this doesn't mean that kids' toys and children's things are to tag sale's focus. As this is written, don't know exactly what is going ot be up for grabs ~ could be power tools, or hunting + fishing gear... for that matter, there might be kid's items as well.

Like any good tag sale, half the fun is finding out what's being offered up.

Members setting up for tag sale, get to the club around at 7 am - both the Derby and Tag Sale are from 8 am to noon.

Members interested in participating in the tag sale, arrive early to get your tables in order. The better the items are that are offered, the more successful this tag sale will be.

Getting to the club:
We're at 229A Old East Haddam-Colchester Turnpike, less than 1/4 mile west of the end of Mott Lane, and just east of the Moodus Reservoir Causeway / Town Beach and Dog Run Park.
Click this link to Google Maps for more specifics.

10 April 2012

Events this week

Friday - April 13th - Game Dinner Prep

Saturday - April 14th
- Game Dinner and Annual Raffle - make sure you turn your tickets in.

Sunday - April 15th - 9 am to 1pm Work Party then lunch - many hands lighten the load, please stop by event if you can only work for two hours!

Sunday - April 15th - 2 pm Turkey Seminar

31 March 2012

Roadside Clean up - April 7th

It takes a lot to make a town look good, and it can't be done on its own.

So, once again, it's time. Come out and clean up the roadsides with us.

If you want to focus on your own street or a specific area, then call Jim Ventres at the East Haddam Land Use Administrator's Office [860-873-5031] to coordinate the effort.

Anyone who takes part in the effort is invited to the Moodus Sportsmen's Club for one of its famous hearty lunches.

This effort is co-sponsored by the Sportsmen's Club, East Haddam Lions and Scout Troop #22.

MSC Calendar for 2012 ~ April through September

  •  2 Monthly Meeting 
  •  7 Town Wide Clean Up - 8 am 
  •  14 Game Dinner - 6:00 pm - Annual Raffle 
  •  15 15 Spring Work Party 9 am 
  •  6 Children's Fishing Derby 
  •  7 Monthly Meeting 
  •  20 Work Party 
  •  4 Monthly Meeting 
  •  22 Set up for Shad Bake 
  •  23 Shad Bake - Sunday After Father's Day 
  •  1 Annual membership dues are Due 
  •  2 Monthly Meeting 
  •  6 Monthly Meeting 
  •  19 DEEP Certified Archery Course 
  •  10 Monthly Meeting 
  •  14 Set up for Summer Harvest Dinner 
  •  14 Summer Harvest Dinner 4 - 6 pm, serving time 

07 March 2012

pheasant program update

Don't be the target, be on target!
It's not enough just to vote in elections
Your legislators need to hear from you regularly!

So does the Governor !

All the state stands to lose is revenue ~ revenue that, ironically, pays for the program

The DEEP has not been successful in convincing the Governor's Office to reverse their decision to end the pheasant program. The only thing that can change this now is political pressure applied by sportsmen and others affected by the decision.

Here are some "official" DEEP Bureau of Natural Resources figures to ponder.

 • 2011 Revenue generated towards program:
 • Sale of pheasant stamps = $139,000
 • Sale of licenses to pheasant hunters = $85,000 Total Revenue = $224,000

Amount of Revenue (CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE) expected to be lost if program is eliminated:
 • Sale of pheasant stamps = $139,000
 • License Sales to pheasant hunters = $27,000** Total Revenue lost = $166,000

**Note that this figure was determined by breaking down the license fees among all buyers, to those who ONLY purchased a basic hunting and pheasant stamps (no deer, turkey, etc.), and assumes they would not continue to purchase a hunting license if the program was eliminated. We know that more revenue would be lost due to anger among the sportsmen, especially after enduring a 40% increase in license fees and a 100% increase in pheasant stamp fees.

Since 1983, when sportsmen began contributing pheasant tag fees to provide additional program support, we have used the entire amount of revenue generated in the previous year (as in the $224,000 above) to establish our budget for the program in the following year. There is an expectation among sportsmen that they are paying for the next year's program.

Regardless of the figures used, there will not be any $ savings by eliminating the $160,000 called for in the Governor's proposed budget. The State simply loses revenue.

Once again, here's a link with the phone number to Governor Dannel Malloy's Office.
Be civil, politie and to the point when you call.

06 March 2012

An initiative for the future of hunting

Families Afield is an education and outreach program to help states create hunting opportunities for youth, so that more families may enjoy America's greatest outdoor tradition together.

If you live in or represent a state where laws or regulations restrict young people from hunting, you can join the Families Afield effort and make a difference. Success depends on partners and volunteers!
The Core Values of Families Afield Are:
  •   Safety first, always.
  •   Hunting instills traditional values, connectivity with nature and healthy lifestyles.
  •   Parents, not politics, should decide an appropriate hunting age for their children.
  •   When introducing youths into hunting, earlier is better.
  •   Youths experience hunting with an adult mentor, then attend a hunter education class.

Hunting is Important
  •  Hunters pump more than $30 billion per year into the American economy, much of it directed at rural communities as hunters spend dollars on food, lodging, gas and more.
  •  About a million jobs in America are supported by hunters.
  •  In the last 40 years, hunters have spent $13.4 billion purchasing hunting licenses, tags and permits. This revenue supports wildlife conservation.
  •  America's recreational hunters and shooters have paid more than $5 billion in excise taxes since 1937 to support wildlife conservation and education.

Hunter Numbers are Declining
  •  For every 100 adult hunters today, only 69 youth hunters are coming up to take their place.
  •  If allowed to continue, economic projections indicate funding for wildlife conservation could drop 25 percent by 2025. This decline could cause a 24 percent drop in revenue for the hunting industry.

The Families Afield Website has been developed in partnership with National Shooting Sports Foundation, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, National Wild Turkey Federation, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation and the National Rifle Association.
Families Afield Initiative for Future Hunting Program © 2012

Hearings on Sunday Hunting set for March 8th

Connecticut: Environment Committee to Hear
Sunday Hunting Legislation Tomorrow

from the National Rifle Association of America Institute for Legislative Action, © 2012

Tomorrow, Wednesday. March 8th, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 2 B of the Legislative Office Building (LOB), the Environment Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 83 which seeks to allow Sunday hunting with bow and arrow on private property.

Currently, Connecticut is one of only six states in the country that strictly bans hunting on Sunday. This prohibition threatens the very future of our hunting heritage by discouraging hunter recruitment and retention. In addition, this antiquated ban harms Connecticut’s economy.

Due to increasingly demanding work, family and extracurricular schedules, older and younger hunters alike often have only Sundays available to hunt. The ban keeps them from remaining or becoming hooked on hunting. There is a reason that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a radical group whose ultimate goal is to end all hunting in America, is one of the most active advocates of maintaining the ban. Our opponents know that the future of hunting is at stake and you should too.

At a time when the economy is struggling and too many people are out of work, legislators must not continue to refuse the enormous economic benefits associated with allowing hunting on Sundays. Comprehensive research from the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that allowing hunting on Sundays would generate a total annual economic impact estimated at $38 million and create 500 jobs.

If you are interested in testifying, please submit 40 copies of written testimony to the committee staff one hour prior to the start of the hearing in Room 2B of the LOB, or submit testimony electronically to Jason.Bowsza@cga.ct.gov. Electronic submissions are preferred. Sign-up for the hearing will begin at 9:30 a.m. in Room 2B of the LOB at 300 Capitol Avenue in Harford. The first hour of the hearing is reserved for public officials. Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony.
IMAGE CREDIT: Found at: Accurate Shooter Newsletter. From a posting about the Families Afield Initiative for Future Hunting Program © 2012

28 February 2012

General information about the Club and membership

Who we are:The Moodus Sportsmen's Club is a voluntary association of hunters, fishermen and trappers based in Moodus, Connecticut. The organization was founded in 1942 by local residents and veterans.
• The club has maintained a presence on its present site since the 1940s when members were first permitted to meet and build a club house there by the Moodus Reservoir Water Company.
• Over the years the MSC has been an active participant in civil events and is one of the principal founders (and sponsors) of the annual East Haddam "Earth Day" Roadside Clean-up; held during April every year.

Statement of Purpose: The Purposes of the Moodus Sportsmen’s Club shall be to
• Promote and bind together sportsmen in the sports of hunting, fishing and associated activities;
• Ensure that these sports will continue through education and conservation measures;
• Teach and pass on the pleasures, benefits, responsibilities and ethics associated with hunting and fishing practices.

What Do We Do? The Club hosts several public functions each year including:
Winter ~ Annual Tri-Lakes Ice Fishing Tournament
April ~ Earth Day Roadside Clean-up
May ~ Youth Fishing Derby
June ~ Annual Shad Bake - the Sunday after Father's Day
September ~ Annual Summer Harvest Fest
November ~ Prime Rib + Shrimp Dinner*
Game Dinners* Held during winter months.
(*The Game Dinners and the Prime Rib + Shrimp Dinner are by advance reservation only)
Local Scout Troop # 22 meets at the club on Thursday evenings.
CT DEEP Approved Archery & Firearms Safety Classes Held every Spring + Autumn. Attendees must reserve their spot in the class with the CT-DEEP Conservation Education and Firearms Safety Program web page.
NRA Certified Pistol / Firearms Classes are scheduled and held at various times of the year.

Membership details:
• Membership meetings are held on the first Monday of each month.
• Anyone interested in joining the Moodus Sportsman's Club must be sponsored into the club by a member in good standing. Prospective members names are brought to the floor at a monthly meeting; after announcement, a decision on a new member's application is tabled until the next month. At the next meeting, the prospective member is expected to attend, but will leave the meeting with a decision is made on the applicant's membership request.
• All new members first go through a six-month probationary period; their sponsoring member is expected to help them get better acquainted with the club and its routines.
• Work Requirements: ALL members are required to work a set number of hours per year, as well as regularly participate in club activities, including monthly meetings [attendance is credited to "work time" requirements] as well as other nominal requirements.
• The club membership also includes Junior Members (under the age of 18) who must have a sponsor who knows the junior member well; as well as senior "emeritus" memberships.

Dues and Initiation Fees:
• Annual membership dues are $150 and are due the 1st of July of each year.
• New Member initiation fees are $475 (paid in increments over the first three years of membership).
• New members, upon acceptance, pay $325 the first year; $225 the second + third year. After that, annual dues of $150 are incurred.
• All members are required to be a member of the National Rifle Association.
•  Members who have not paid dues by October 31st of the year may be subject to termination of membership. Any membership lapsed because of unpaid dues can be re-applied for without prejudice.

Where we are: Moodus Sportsmen's Club facilities are located at 299-A Old East Haddam-Colchester Turnpike,, just up the hill from the Moodus Reservoir and the East Haddam town beach.
The club has maintained a presence on the site since the 1940s when members were first permitted to meet and build there by the Moodus Reservoir Water Company.

For Further Information: Write us at moodussportsman@gmail.com

17 February 2012

State pheasant hunting in jeopardy

Copied directly from Connecticut Sportsman's Coalition email newsletter:
This issue impacts Every Sportsman! A question I've been asked is "What's Next - Hatcheries?" COMMUNICATE! Most won't know what you want unless you tell them! Many won't know the basics of the program unless you inform them. There will be no Public Hearing on this issue. DO IT NOW- Communicate as you did on the License Fee Reduction issue. Be polite.

In the Governor's Midterm Budget Adjustments under DEEP p.67, the following statement is found: "Reduce Funding for Sportsmen's Programs - Funding is eliminated for the pheasant stocking program $ - 160,000."

After convincing the Legislature in 2010 that a 100% license fee increase would severely impact license/tag/permit sales/recruitment reducing revenue to both the state and DEP, we are now faced with presenting similar arguments. Someone, OPM (Office of Policy and Management), the Governor's Office, or budgetary officials clearly don't understand the funding, economic impact, and detrimental effect on licensing/recruitment of this proposal. In the opinion of many, the Elimination of the Pheasant Program action is a uninformed budgetary rip-off that benefits neither the state or its citizens.

The Pheasant Stocking Program is Sportsmen funded and is self sustaining - NOTHING comes from the General Fund. Elimination of the program saves the state nothing and in the future reduces revenue to DEEP through reduced license sales, and to the state in terms of economic impact. The methodology is to count revenue generated from Pheasant Stamps ($28) and Small Game licenses ($19/$11 Junior) from those who purchased the stamps to get a total revenue. This number then determines the number of Pheasants that will be stocked in the following year. The $160,000 to be cut is the revenue generated last year and constitutes the stocking program for 2012.

Pheasant Hunting is a Gateway Activity for new hunters. Youngsters and some adults (particularly women) who have completed the mandatory Hunter Safety Course and purchased their Small Game License (mandatory for All hunting) look for a hunting activity. Hunting on state Pheasant Program stocked lands is the least expensive and a traditional family activity for new hunters. Other species available in the past have been Rabbits, Grouse, and Woodcock, but are no longer due to state lack of funding for habitat management. The Pheasant Program is THE new hunter entry vehicle and is used as such in DEEP Junior Hunting Training Day to increase hunting participation.

The economic impact of eliminating Pheasant Hunting is substantial. ALL Resident hunters averaged 12.2 trips and nonresidents 3.0 trips in Connecticut. Pheasant hunters number 4000-5000. Based on 2010 hunting licensees, resident hunters undertook 770.0 thousand trips and nonresident hunters 9.8 thousand. Total Hunting expenditures in Connecticut are impressive at $109.3 million in 2010 dollars. http://www.ct.gov/dep/lib/dep/outdoor_recreation/2011economicimpactstudy.pdf Table 3.2.3. Using a few of the most common costs (in 1,000s $): Food and Lodging 2,801.5; Hunting Equipment 29,266.3; Transportation 5,365.5, with approximately 60,000 hunters in the state and dividing the totals by 4-5000, economic loss to retail sales is substantial.

It is imperative you write, call, e-mail your state Senator and Representative and all the members of the Appropriations Committee expressing your position. E-mail addresses for the complete Appropriations Committee can be found at http://www.ctsportsmen.com Under "Legislation". To find your legislators with their addresses, tel numbers, etc. go to "How to Find Your Legislators" on the Legislative page. Contact Gov. Malloy "Share Your Opinion" http://www.governor.ct.gov/malloy/cwp/view.asp?a=3998&q=479088 . Contact the Commissioner DEEP Dan Esty (860) 424-3001 and Deputy Commissioner Susan Frechette (860) 424-3005.

UPDATE: Since Feb. 16 when we sent this original message little has been accomplished to solve the Pheasant Stocking problem either by the administration or the Appropriations Comm.. We have heard that Summer temps at State Parks, etc may be cut to insure the Pheasant program is implemented in the Fall - this we feel is unlikely. As it stands now, there will be no Pheasant program. We cannot conclude this budget item concerning our interests is nothing but a rip-off - after all it is Sportsmen's money! It is inconceivable to us that The Gov. and members of the Legislature don't recognize that the $160,000 cut will be negatively offset by the loss of state revenue through sales, recreation, and political impact. According to Sen.. Williams (Pres. Pro Tem of the Senate) in a Press Conference a few years ago said "DEP hasn't been adequately funded in over 30 years." We agree - more appropriations, not cuts are needed. Currently, sportsmen pay for 80-90% of the activities of DEP bureau of Natural Resources (Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, etc.) through License fees, tags, stamps, and in effect we pay to "field manage" wildlife - a DEEP statutory management responsibility. This is an extremely important issue and will seriously impact our outdoor activities in the future. What's the next cut for the DEEP (BNR)-Fish Stocking? What percentage of the 20 Billion $ budget is $160,000? Is this cut necessary? We need ALL Sportsmen to communicate to the Governor and the Appropriations Committee that this cut is both economically and politically inappropriate.

31 January 2012

A different kind of ice fishing

Gathering mussels under the ice, in Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec, Canada.

Closer to Moodus, Lake Champlain the liquid border between Northern New York and Vermont, has been ice-free from Crown Point to up by Rouses Point; and in Saskatchewan, only this
past Sunday [01/29/2012] a truck lost battle with the ice while trying to pull their fishing shanty off Last Mountain Lake.

A - Moodus, CT
B - Lake Champlain
C - Kangiqsujuaq, Qu├ębec, Canada
D - Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

So, we are still figuring out what will happen on February 12th, but with warm weather again the rest of this week, the ice fishing derby does not seem promising.

26 January 2012

Ice Fishing Derby again postponed ~ until February 12th

IMAGE CREDIT: US Army Corp of Engineers - Might as well be Moodus reservoir
As you can see from the predicted weather posted below, there will be no ice this weekend.  Therefore the ice fishing derby is postponed again to February 12th.

Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 25. Light north wind. 
Thursday: A slight chance of rain after 3pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 42. Light north wind. Chance of precipitation is 20%. 
Thursday Night: Rain likely, mainly after 10pm. Cloudy, with a low around 34. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible. 
Friday: Rain likely, mainly before noon. Cloudy, with a high near 45. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Friday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 29. '
Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 41. 
Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 26.

Here is a revised schedule of events

January 28 - This Saturday - Squirrel hunting day?  meet at the club at 7:30 and return by noon?  or let Jim V know if you are in and show up at noon for lunch. Just one rule - if you hunt, you have to help clean the squirrels!
    Lunch - venison chili, eggplant parmesan, beverages.

22 January 2012

MSC Calendar for 2012 ~ 1st Quarter

  •  2 Monthly and Annual Board of Directors Meetings 
  •  14 Game Dinner 6:00 p.m. 
  •  22 Ice Fishing Derby Rain Date – Jan 29 
  •  5 Super Bowl Sunday 
  •  6 Monthly Meeting 
  •  11 Sat. & 12 Sun. NEW ICE FISHING DERBY DATE 
  •  18 Game Dinner 6:00 pm 
  •  25 Archery Course 8 am – 4 pm 
  •  5 Monthly Meeting 10 Game Dinner 6:00 pm 
  •  23/24/25 DEP Hunter Safety Course
     Fri. 6 pm – 9 pm, Sat. 8 am – 5 pm, Sun. 8 am - 2 pm 
  • 30 Project Graduation - Friday
  •   2  Monthly Meeting  
  •   7  Town Wide Clean Up
  • 14 Game Dinner  - 6:00 pm  -  Annual Raffle
  • 15 Spring Work Party  9 am

20 January 2012

Ice Fishing Postponed BUT Squirrel Hunt is on

Ice Fishing Derby has been postponed to January 29th

Bashan Lake and Lake Hayward have just a skim coat on it now and tonight's snow will insulate the ice. Saturday's snow will further cover over what is safe & not safe. Get the word out to your friends and family.

Squirrel Hunting - Saturday am - If the snow starts according to NOAA then it looks like a good morning. Of course this is subject to change. We plan on going as long as the heavy snow starts after noon. If it is snowing hard at 6 am then the squirrels will sleep in.

We are cleaning game Friday night at the club - stop by or call if you are interested.

09 January 2012

Tri-Lake Ice Fishing Tournament ~ Reset to January 29th

Click on this and print or save to your computer. It must be MAILED TO our P O Box address for entry OR dropped off at the club before the Tournament date.

MSC's Annual Tri-Lakes
Ice Fishing Tournament

Sunday, January 22, 2012 :
6 am – 1 pm

Weather/Ice decision: 4:00 pm Saturday 1/21, please call 860-873-3381 to confirm || Rain / no ice date: January 29th

Tournament Sponsor Moodus Sportsman’s Club

Tournament Fee: $20.00 per adult || $5.00 per child under 16 years old



Prize Fish Types: Bass – Largemouth/Smallmouth, Chain Pickerel or Yellow Perch

Prizes: Adult Division $1000.00 total purse; First Prize $600.00 for heaviest fish of the three species || $200.00 each to the largest fish in the two other species listed
       Children Division Trophies to be awarded in all three categories

Registration Forms:
• Available at the Moodus Package Store
• Right-click on the image to your right, save as a JPG file, print it, fill it out and mail it.
• Send an e-mail to MSC Webmaster who will e-mail a PDF document back to you that you can print out and mail to us ||
•   Snail Mail applications must be postmarked by Monday, January 16, 2012
•   Email applications must be received by Thursday, January 19, 2012
Hand Deliver to the Sportsman’s Club Jan 21st 4-6pm


      • Lake Hayward || East Haddam
      • Bashan Lake || East Haddam
      • Moodus Reservoir || Moodus ~ [You can still fish there, but see note below]

Verification: The official weigh-in will be held at the Moodus Sportsman’s Club at 1:10 pm sharp!

Party Festivities: The Moodus Sportsman’s Club will host one of it's famous lunches after the weigh-in [1:15 pm] with prizes and our usual activities to follow.

Tournament Finish: Please return to the Club by 1:00 pm for final tally, lunch and awards.

Regulations: Fish must conform to Connecticut fishing regulations for the area being fished
         • Click here for the CT DEP lakes regulations

CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!: The Moodus Sportsman’s Club does not represent that the ice is safe in all places on these lakes. All participants are responsible for their own personal safety.

NOTICE: Pay attention to the channel in the Moodus Reservoir.
With the lowering of the water level, certain areas may not be safe!