21 May 2012

Target range closed during repair

SOME [most] of this Sunday's Work Party crew

     Great work party Sunday! Quite a lot got accomplished, though improvements to the range have not been completed - the tire phase of the range is complete - the range is closed until the sand can be placed against the end wall. The project made creative re-use of approximately 1200 old tires. They are now part of the range's backdrop and buffer.
     Small items still outstanding that need to be completed prior to the Shad Bake. Maybe we can finish them on a Thursday of Friday night instead of killing a weekend.
     We are especially thankful to the use of the earth moving equipment. In addition,to range work, the new propane tank was installed. Visitors will notice that the decorative well cover has been replaced,and the new trees on the property line are getting watered.
More work to get done before the Shad Bake... only a month away!
     We still only had 25% of the membership show up for the work party. Remember folks, the club works best when we all pitch in.

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