30 January 2010

Doubled hunting fees causes more problems; yet solves none

Friday's Hartford Courant had a thoughtful article in it by Dale May, certified wildlife biologist, recently retired from state service with the DEP. In it he says:
"...the changes affect sportsmen most directly, [and] the public should understand that license and permit fees paid by recreational fishermen and hunters, in combination with federal excise taxes they also pay, represent nearly all of the revenue devoted to Connecticut's fish and wildlife, including non-game species. For nearly a century, this user-pay model has been enormously successful in generating predictable annual budgets that have been used to restore and manage our wildlife.
"The public should understand that license and permit fees paid by recreational fishermen and hunters, represent nearly all of the revenue devoted to Connecticut's fish and wildlife, including non-game species".
"In the face of an aging sportsmen demographic and broadening wildlife-related mandates, state and federal initiatives have been underway for nearly two decades to expand and strengthen the model by including other constituency groups. Less than a handful of states, however, successfully direct other sources of funding to wildlife — and Connecticut is not one of them. With the gloomy fiscal forecast, it appears Connecticut's wildlife will depend almost solely upon sportsmen for the foreseeable future.

"So, now is not the time to discourage hunting and fishing in Connecticut. Given the budget crisis, most sportsmen would have accepted (albeit unhappily) a fee increase of 20 percent to 25 percent. The 100 percent increase, however, is indefensible. [You can find the complete article here]
Seems he's being immensely diplomatic, while our politicians chose not to be. Now there is an effort being put forward to correct this rank injustice. Contact the governor's office as well as your local legislator [even if he or she is not in favor of hunting] and make your voice heard on this important matter. [here's a set of guidelines on speaking before the legislature.

Don't know your local state representatives? Fird them here.

IMAGE CREDITS: 1- How Stuff Works, with an entry about hunting licenses, special regulations, poaching, and other hunting lore; 2- Terrirman's Daily Dose, the image was used there to a link where one can purchase hunting licenses for most of the lower 48 states.

29 January 2010

Fish Derby re-set to February 7th

Bad news folks. We checked the ice this morning and while it is - sort of - walkable in places, it isn't really safe enough to hold the event this week-end.

So we plan on having in next Sunday, February 7th, 2010 instead. This means that the NEW deadline for turning in your entry application at the club [299 East Haddam-Old Colchester Turnpike, Moodus, CT] is next week, Saturday, February 6th between 4 to 6 pm. OR by e-mail to Will by Saturday morning.

By the way, we plan on coming back later on for the Super Bowl Sunday afternoon/evening.

IMAGE CREDIT: New York Times, in an article about what happens when the ice becomes unstable.

22 January 2010

MSC Upcoming Events

#1 - Ice Fishing Derby Sunday Jan. 31st Sign up by Saturday 4-6pm at the club.
Ice Fishing Derby Rain Date – Feb 7

#2. Sausage making - ordering pork & spices on Monday - 1/25, cutting & spicing Friday pm 1/29, Sausage making 1/30. If you have not contacted JV and are still interested - let him know!

#3. Game Dinners - Feb 20, March 13, maybe April 17
a. We have collected additional waterfowl so with a few more squirrels and a few hind quarter, we may be able to make a run at an April game dinner - squirrel season is open until Feb 27th.

b. Reservation - JV will be calling the people who have typically reserved spots in the past before the Feb meeting. Get your ducks in a row.

#4. Smelt trip - Feb 13th & 14th If you are still interested - let JV know

#5. Word is the cod fishing has been hot and heavy in R.I. Take a look at http://www.francesfleet.com/inshore.html Is anyone interested?

#6 Super Bowl - Feb 7th Jets? Colts? / Saints? Vikings? What does a Giants or Pats fan do? At least the Cowboys are out! Potluck dinner - details to be ironed out at the Feb meeting.

#7 Hunter Safety or Bow Course - sign up now!

10 January 2010

Game Dinner openings - January 16

We still have 30 spots to fill. The date is this coming Saturday. Please remember we are not having an April Game Dinner this year so if you usually attended that one, you need to reschedule.

     Please email Jim Ventres or leave him a message on his voice mail at 860-873- 8581 to fill out the spots.

05 January 2010

2010 MSC calendar of activities

Members ~ and others interested ~ can now check our 2010 yearly calendar of events. It's located toward the bottom of the column on the right side of this page/screen

ice fishing tournament : January 31, 2010

MSC's Annual Tri-Lake Ice Fishing Tournament
Sunday, January 31, 2010 : 6 am – 1 pm - New Date!!!!

Weather/Ice decision: 4:00 pm Saturday 1/30, please call 860-873-3381 to confirm || Rain / no ice date: February 7th

Tournament Sponsor Moodus Sportsman’s Club

Tournament Fee: $20.00 per adult || $5.00 per child under 16 years old


Prize Fish Types: Bass – Largemouth/Smallmouth, Chain Pickerel or Yellow Perch

Prizes: Adult Division $1000.00 total purse; First Prize $600.00 for heaviest fish of the three species || $200.00 each to the largest fish in the two other species listed
       Children Division Trophies to be awarded in all three categories

Registration Forms:
• Available at the Moodus Package Store,
• Click on the image to your left to enlarge, then you can print it, fill it out and mail it ||   Snail Mail applications must be postmarked by Monday, January 25, 2010
• Send an e-mail to MSC Webmaster who will e-mail an MS-Word [2003] document back to you ||   Email applications must be received by Friday, January 29, 2010
• or at the Moodus Sportsman’s Club Jan 30th 4-6pm

      • Lake Hayward || East Haddam
      • Bashan Lake || East Haddam
      • Moodus Reservoir || Moodus

Verification: The official weigh-in will be held at the Moodus Sportsman’s Club at 1:10 pm sharp!

Party Festivities: The Moodus Sportsman’s Club will host one of it's famous lunches after the weigh-in [1:15 pm] with prizes and our usual activities to follow.

Tournament Finish: Please return to the Club by 1:00 pm for final tally, lunch and awards.

Regulations: Fish must conform to Connecticut fishing regulations for the area being fished
         • Click here for the CT DEP lakes regulations

CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!: The Moodus Sportsman’s Club does not represent that the ice is safe in all places on these lakes. All participants are responsible for their own personal safety.