22 January 2010

MSC Upcoming Events

#1 - Ice Fishing Derby Sunday Jan. 31st Sign up by Saturday 4-6pm at the club.
Ice Fishing Derby Rain Date – Feb 7

#2. Sausage making - ordering pork & spices on Monday - 1/25, cutting & spicing Friday pm 1/29, Sausage making 1/30. If you have not contacted JV and are still interested - let him know!

#3. Game Dinners - Feb 20, March 13, maybe April 17
a. We have collected additional waterfowl so with a few more squirrels and a few hind quarter, we may be able to make a run at an April game dinner - squirrel season is open until Feb 27th.

b. Reservation - JV will be calling the people who have typically reserved spots in the past before the Feb meeting. Get your ducks in a row.

#4. Smelt trip - Feb 13th & 14th If you are still interested - let JV know

#5. Word is the cod fishing has been hot and heavy in R.I. Take a look at http://www.francesfleet.com/inshore.html Is anyone interested?

#6 Super Bowl - Feb 7th Jets? Colts? / Saints? Vikings? What does a Giants or Pats fan do? At least the Cowboys are out! Potluck dinner - details to be ironed out at the Feb meeting.

#7 Hunter Safety or Bow Course - sign up now!

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