07 March 2012

pheasant program update

Don't be the target, be on target!
It's not enough just to vote in elections
Your legislators need to hear from you regularly!

So does the Governor !

All the state stands to lose is revenue ~ revenue that, ironically, pays for the program

The DEEP has not been successful in convincing the Governor's Office to reverse their decision to end the pheasant program. The only thing that can change this now is political pressure applied by sportsmen and others affected by the decision.

Here are some "official" DEEP Bureau of Natural Resources figures to ponder.

 • 2011 Revenue generated towards program:
 • Sale of pheasant stamps = $139,000
 • Sale of licenses to pheasant hunters = $85,000 Total Revenue = $224,000

Amount of Revenue (CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE) expected to be lost if program is eliminated:
 • Sale of pheasant stamps = $139,000
 • License Sales to pheasant hunters = $27,000** Total Revenue lost = $166,000

**Note that this figure was determined by breaking down the license fees among all buyers, to those who ONLY purchased a basic hunting and pheasant stamps (no deer, turkey, etc.), and assumes they would not continue to purchase a hunting license if the program was eliminated. We know that more revenue would be lost due to anger among the sportsmen, especially after enduring a 40% increase in license fees and a 100% increase in pheasant stamp fees.

Since 1983, when sportsmen began contributing pheasant tag fees to provide additional program support, we have used the entire amount of revenue generated in the previous year (as in the $224,000 above) to establish our budget for the program in the following year. There is an expectation among sportsmen that they are paying for the next year's program.

Regardless of the figures used, there will not be any $ savings by eliminating the $160,000 called for in the Governor's proposed budget. The State simply loses revenue.

Once again, here's a link with the phone number to Governor Dannel Malloy's Office.
Be civil, politie and to the point when you call.

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