26 December 2010

about hunter safety courses at MSC

We've been getting a number of questions from folks about being in the Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety courses that are offered and held on the MSC grounds every Spring and Autumn.
     In part, people are asking to sign up, but you ought to know that the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] wants all sign ups be done through the local DEP office, not through the site where classes are held, like those held at our club. The closest offices to MSC are in Marlborough or Franklin. You could also sign up online once that option on the DEP site is opened again.
     The DEP provides - in advance - the names and contact information to the certified instructors holding the classes. At the MSC, all those certified to teach are MSC members.
     This "restriction" is really to help our instructors know how many are expected to attend. Good training works best when classes are a certain size; besides, we need to know how many copies of training manuals, targets, [and other handouts] will be needed. It's an important consideration.
     We try to figure some folks might just show up on the class day; but we cannot guarantee if you do this there will be room for you to attend. Folks signing up in advance, not walk-ins, will be given first priority.
     The DEP Hunter Safety Course Spring 2011 series dates to be held at the club for the Spring 2011 series are:
FEBRUARY: Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th
MARCH: Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Sunday 6th
     Our class series is usually filled. Be considerate and sign up in advance, and don't assume that we have kept a separate list; we don't. All of us do this because we are interested in helping others become knowledgeable, responsible hunters. And part of good hunting practice is planning ahead.
     As of December 26, 2010] sign-up for classes is not yet available. Keep checking the CT-DEP website for when the classes will be posted. However, Pre-Registration for all classes is Mandatory. All firearms hunting courses are 16 hours or longer. You must attend all scheduled class times.

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