19 December 2010

hunting books for kids

It may be too late to order these books and have them by Christmas, but it's never too soon to get youngsters interested in hunting and the outdoors. I'm also glad to see that books like this are available.

My First Deer Hunt by Curtis and Michael Waguespack. A photo book where a boy goes out hunting with Dad, learns how not to scare off the deer and gets to see what it's like. Available through Amazon.com, Charting Nature and other booksellers.

Shawn Meyers' Hunt with a Kid website offers two titles, Conner's Big Hunt and Conner's Spring Gobbler. The illustration artwork, by Reed Sprunger, in both these books is superb! Also available through Amazon.com.

Also available at Amazon.com is Will's First Hunt by Kerri Busteed with illustrations by Leon Byers. It's been said that this book "...is a fabulous introduction to the world of Hunter's Safety and all that it entails...[and] that it opens the door to speak to our own children about the importance of guns, gun safety and hunting. This story is easily relatable to hunting and non-hunting families alike".

Even if you aren't certain your kids [or grandchildren, or nephews and nieces] are interested in hunting, getting them to learn about outdoor sports when they are young, is worth the effort.

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