09 February 2015

Tri-Lake Ice Fishing Tournament ~ Winners and weights

76 adults and 7 children took part in this year's annual MSC Ice Fishing Derby.

All winning fish came from the Moodus' Upper Reservoir.

Here are the winners & stats

BASS: Josh Shelberg
5.265 lbs
PICKEREL: Rusty Smith      
2.66 lbs
PERCH: Ryan Nadeau    
1.07 lbs

Afterwards, many folks came to the clubhouse for food and camaraderie. 
Thanks to everyone for a great time!

1 comment:

Barbi B said...

Congratulations to this year's ice tourney winners!

That's AWESOME....great participation! I've posted this article on Moodus Reservoir Preservation Group's Facebook page.


I'm sorry I couldn't make it for the weigh-in this year, though. Maybe next year. Yeah, the way the weather's going, you could probably have another ice tourney in June, before the lake thaws!!! ;-)

Barbi B.