29 March 2009

upcoming activites at the club

1. Attendance to the April 6th monthly meeting is very important.

2. Town Wide Clean Up - April 4th
     a. Can someone post signs - possibly use the Town's signs - we need a reminder.
     b. Help needed Friday afternoon - we should clean our own facility - has anyone checked metal prices or should we just take the excess to the Transfer Station? We also have to prep food and set up tables for Saturday. We need to set up a white board so individuals can sign in.
     c. Participation by as many as possible would help.
     d. Four cooks needed for Saturday - 9 am to 2 pm

3. Fish Stocking - if anyone wants to help - 4:30 am - this Thursday

4. April Game Dinner - 4/18 confirm your reservations

5. Reminder - Project Grad - prep Friday 4/24, Cook Sat - 4/25 - 5 or 6 cooks needed,

6. Sunday - April 26 - Major work party

7. Children's Fishing Derby - New Date - May 3rd - 4 cooks needed, 4 pond monitors needed - 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

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prubenbauer said...

Hi Will, I have a picnic table I would love to donate to the MSC. It's just like the ones at the club. Just pick it up and take it away. Pam Rubenbauer 873-8922 You know where to find me, at Hayden W&S. Or call my cell 463-4469. Thanks. PR