31 March 2009

laws and legislation

Don't be the target, be on target!
Your legislators need to hear from you regularly!

On the downside: hunting license fees may double; there's an effort to ban leg hold traps. On the up: a renewed effort to add Sunday hunting

Stay informed and do not be shy about contacting your legislator and important committee members. Let them get to know you by your first name. If you have local legislator who doesn't understand out perspective, take they time to educate them, nicely. They don't have to agree with all your points, as long as they realize the importance of protecting hunting rights.

Bookmark the Connecticut Sportsmen's Association web page on legislative updates, then check it frequently during the legislative session.

After that, call, e-mail and/or write your legislator about these bills.

Here are those URL addresses again if you want to write them down:

CONTACT: http://www.ctsportsmen.com/legislation/alert_message.htm
UPDATES: http://www.ctsportsmen.com/legislation/2009%20other_proposed_bills1.htm

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