21 June 2015

FAQs about Club Rentals

• Check our calender of events, posted every couple of months, and also found in right hand column. Listed dates are not available.
• No Sunday rentals during fall and winter months [September 12th through March 1st]. Fridays are for Members Only activities.

Sponsoring club member must be present at the event. No exceptions.ALL LISTINGS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Any reservation date MUST be confirmed** in advance. [Don't start inviting folks until you know the club is available.] Dave Shelberg keeps track of the scheduling.
E-mail the Moodus Sportsmen's Club [moodussportsman@gmail.com] with your name, phone number and the date you are looking to rent the club. It will get passed along and Dave will call you back evenings after 7:30 p.m.
There is a $ 200.00 refundable deposit in advance.
Rates apply to use of main building's meeting room, porch, pavilion and grounds***

          $ 250.00 - 50 people or less              $ 350.00 - Up to 100 people
          $ 450.00 - Up to 200 people              $ 550.00 - Over 200 people
          Use of kitchen the day before a rental $ 100.00
          Use of kitchen on a Saturday $ 250.00

Hours of permitted rental use
Saturdays - 2 pm until 11 pm   •   Sundays* 2 pm until 10 pm
Other times [for example, weekdays] may be requested and reviewed by the rental committee.

Other conditions or limits:
*      Sunday reservations between September 10 through March 1st are limited due to Skeet meets and other club sponsored functions
**    Reservations are confirmed only after return of a signed agreement and with a check for the rental and a separate check for the deposit.
       Set-up is the day of the event. Any prior set-up is at the discretion of the MSC Rental committee.
       If the kitchen is needed the day before an event, there will be an additional fee.
       Rates for Civic Organization events determined at the discretion of Club Officers.
       The following prioroty list will determine rental availability: Moodus Sportsmen's Club functions; MSC scheduled events [including skeet, fishing, opening days, hunter safety classes, etc.]; Boy Scout Troop 22 scheduled meetings; club member rentals.
*** The range and the pond are both off limits during all reserved events
Sorry but our insurance does not allow for Stag/Bachelor Parties

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