17 August 2014

Preparing for bow hunting season

Here is a link to a fairly unbiased (yet brief) starter’s guide for someone considering buying a compound bow.
Some suggestions for the newcomer to bow-hunting/archery:
• Speak to members of the club who already use bows
• Go to the pro shops, (big and small) seek out and find the most knowledgeable staff
• Read up on bows and consider for what and how you plan on using them. 
• If you never had a bow before, you might buy a second hand bow, quiver and accessory equipment from someone getting a newer bow
• Buy your arrows new ~ make certain the span of your arrows meets your own arm length needs.
Even if you plan only to do archery target practice by all means, get your bow hunter’s license, and take a certified hunter safety course
There will be a certified course offered at the MSC club site in October. You must register with CT DEEP in advance: If you do not see an upcoming course listed, you can also contact the DEEP Franklin Wildlife Management Area office at 860-642-7239 (deep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov)
Once you’ve got all that down, welcome to the world of modern archery and bow hunting.
That said, here’s a link from Hunter’s Friend ~ http://www.huntersfriend.com/compound_bow_selection_guide.html
Click the following link for online copy of Connecticut's most recent Hunter Safety Manual or print out this briefer 2014 Hunting/Trapping field guide to carry with you.

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