22 February 2013

DEEP Workshop coming in March

The New England Cottontail Initiative Workshop
Working to Benefit the Cottontail and Other Young Forest Species

LANDOWNERS! Please join The Connecticut DEEP on:
March 6, 2013 or March 13, 2013

to learn more about this and what YOU can do to become involved!

Presenters will include staff from the Connecticut DEEP Wildlife Division, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI)

The Connecticut Wildlife Division is part of a new regional initiative to restore habitat for the New England cottontail, a species being considered for full protection under the Endangered Species Act.
      Once common throughout New England, this species’ historic range has been reduced by over 80%. Connecticut will play a unique role in this restoration effort because, of all the New England states, ours continues to support the most significant proportion of the remaining New England cottontail population.
      This workshop will cover habitat requirements of the New England cottontail and other declining early successional species, state land habitat projects and opportunities for how you as a private landowner or land manager can become engaged in this initiative.
      The workshop will conclude with a field tour of one of our active habitat management project sites.

To register for either workshop location, call or e-mail DEEP by March 5, 2013.
Register by phone at: (860) 295-9523

Workshop sites:
  •  March 6: Franklin Wildlife Management Area; 391 Route 32; North Franklin, CT
Register by e-mail at: ~ Franklin: Judy.Wilson@ct.gov
  •  March 13: Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area; 341 Milford Street (Route 69); Burlington, CT. || Register by e-mail at: ~ Sessions Woods: Lisa.wahle@ct.gov


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