22 January 2013

UPDATE ~ MSC's Annual Ice Fishing Derby - January 27

Ice Fishing Derby - Jan 27th - this coming Sunday

With the cold weather predicted this week (single digits at night and teens in the day), we know that the Moodus Reservoir will lock up solid.

However Bashan and Lake Hayward are wide open as of today and we are doubtful if they will be safe. We will check all the lakes either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. There has been some discussion about canceling a week but the forecasters are already saying the following week is going to warm up.

We will have to make a decision Friday but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. That means if we have one lake surface that is safe (Moodus Reservoir - 451 acres) then we should hold the derby, even if only on Moodus Reservoir. The following Sunday is the Super Bowl, not that I think we have a lot of 49ers or Raven fans.

Participation is key and members participating in the derby will be needed. If you haven't gone before we can put together enough fishing gear to cover you - just remember to pick up you fishing license and dress warm - you always can remove layers.

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