03 January 2009

Annual Game Dinners

Our Annual Game Dinners are by invitation only but generally, if you know one of the members, you have an "in" - but even at that, the seats fill quickly. I can't recall when the dinners were not sold out, so let a member know if you are interested

These are held the months of January, February, March and April of each year. The menu varies depending upon what we have been able to harvest during the hunt season. The meals are always a gourmet treat and our chefs [also members] can easily hold their own against any team of fancy restaurateurs.

Each dinner has 90 guests, served seated at the table - a contrast from the spring and summer public events, which get served buffet style.

This year we look forward to better acoustics in the dining room.

There are still seats available for January 17th's game dinner

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